4 listopad – November

1.11.2011 Tuesday   Není přání, jako přání :-)

I would like to read this book

2.11.2011 Wednesday  Knižní bazar

3.11.2011 Thursday  Plesové šaty, umělý strom, postel bez matrace.OK!


4.11.2011 Friday  Lenin is comming with a new bag from Borseto.com

5.11.2011 Saturday   Arthur Miller´s special  eating position

Arthur loves apples!


6.11.2011 Sunday  Potatoe in love

Sweet heart!


7.11.2011 Monday  Little shoes that made me smile

I saw them in the morning


8.11.2011 Tuesday  Je dobré vědět, že ještě existují “slušné” obchody



9.11.2011 Wednesday    Who´s that girl?

Ta by se hodila do Módního pekla


10.11.2011 Thursday  Otevřeli Hradčanskou! Hurá!


11.11.2011 Friday  I know, I know…on my way to beauty salon

Prague underground


12.11.2011 Saturday   I like this towel, I wouldn´t buy it but I like it

I like it and use it


13.11.2011 Sunday  Arthur Swimming

I love him!


14.11.2011 Monday  Lovely Morning, way to Prague (from Kladno) with my Dear

We were holding our hands and watching the miracle of a new day


15.11.2011 Tuesday  Versace shopping party


16.11.2011 Wednesday  Shoe market at work


17.11.2011 Thursday  My new jacket


18.11.2011 Friday  Aha!

Now I see...


19.11.2011 Saturday   So now, who is silly goose?!

Mňam mňam


20.11.2011 Sunday  Skateman on the wall

Keith Haring all over me


21.11.2011 Monday  Nice surprice in my bedroom

Last lovely day with my love


22.11.2011 Tuesday   Sometimes you must help

especially when you need help too


23.11.2011 Wednesday  When you are down or you break up

Chocolate cake, coffee and friend help


24.11.2011 Thursday  Welcome to my house…

I am a lucky girl!


25.11.2011 Friday  Someone was really nice to me

Thank you!


26.11.2011 Saturday  Somethings had to move from my life

and I hope that part of them will stay forever


27.11.2011 Sunday  Soup always helps

Warm and delicious soup


28.11.2011 Monday  I had to say goodbye that day

Dolce Gusto... Uffa!


29.11.2011 Tuesday    Lectures at Smichov

Old elevator doors


30.11.2011 Wednesday       Sushi with my Dear

It was really nice to have lunch there

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