5 prosinec – December

1.12. Thursday  Twice as nice

Dvě pokuty, dva policajti

2.12. Friday  Sapa

Little Hanoi in Prague

3. 12. Saturday  Ceiling in my room

4.12. Sunday  Stylish woman´s choice…

My little guilty pleasure

5.12. Monday  What I see Monday morning on my way at work


6.12. Tuesday

7.12. Wednesday  my dream flat

8.12. Thursday  What I see at the lectures…I love my job

Praha again

9.12. Friday Beer is coming!

Pilsner Urquel baby

10.12. Saturday


11.12. Sunday New diary

Year 2012 is almost here

 12.12.  Monday  What I saw with Femme Fatale

Pink window

13.12. Tuesday  Another great morning!

I know, Prague again...but it´ so lovely!

14.12. Wednesday

15.12. Thursday


16.12. Friday How the presents gets under the tree

Czech Post is really working!

17.12. Saturday The end of Stylish woman Choice

18.12. Sunday  Little breakfast with my Femme Fatale

Louvre always helps

19.12. Monday  R.I.P Dear Mr. President

20.12. Tuesday  Ty jsi má, levandulová…

21.12. Wednesday Red horse

Christmas at work

22.12. Thursday  Christmas sweets

Mňam mňam!

23.12. Friday What happens when you forget lipstic in a dryer

Estée Lauder

24.12. Saturday  Christmas day – two yolks – twice!

25.12. Sunday Thann

I love it! Thanks!

26.12. Monday

Thank you Lenka!

27.12. Tuesday  Say it loud… Only 299 Kč

Tak to řekni a neboj se!

28.12. Wednesday  Jedním pohledem svede i anděla.

Jen tak mimoděk, vlastně to nechtěla

29.12. Thursday


30.12. Friday
I cannot find a cabel, the right picture is in my Cannon. When I find the cabel I put the right picture here. :-)

31.12. Saturday New Year Eve

Chic everywhere

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