8 březen – March

1.3. 2012 Thursday   Yellow submarine?

2.3.2012 Friday    I will see Mona!

3.3.2012 Saturday     Just checking something

4.3.2012 Sunday    at my mum´s place

5.3.2012 Monday    Funny pics

6.3.2012 Tuesday    Spring cleaning-leaving

7.3.2012 Wednesday          Marni was Marný

8.3.2012 Thursday    Nice present. Thank you!

9.3.2012 Friday       Thank you again for another flowers

10.3.2012 Saturday     I love them I love them – by Lolita, Milano

11.3.2012 Sunday      My new socks thanks to them I wrote Kinderstube post…

12.3.2012 Monday        Still waiting, hope this Monday he comes

13.3.2012 Tuesday       Vít Bárta nad VV, interesting

14.3.2012 Wednesday    Love my socks

15.3.2012 Thursday     Kraus!

16.3.2012 Friday       my socks, my socks

17.3.2012 Saturday     Karlin at night

18.3.2012 Sunday      No comment (I am single!)

19.3.2012 Monday    I like their style

20.3.2012 Tuesday     ok. I took a picture again…

21.3.2012 Wednesday    She was BLUE!

22.3.2012 Thursday    In Pilsen

23.3.2012 Friday    Here comes the Sun

24.3.2012 Saturday     Breakfast at Louvre

25.3.2012 Sunday      It´s shopping time

26.3.2012 Monday      Night Work

27.3.2012 Tuesday      I love my job
28.3.2012 Wednesday     Wait for me

29.3.2012 Thursday    The only flowers I won´t kill

30. 3. 2012 Friday        Dárek od muže na vysokých podpatcích. Děkuji!

31.3.2012 Saturday     Fixed the clock

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