1 srpen – August

Every day Goddess takes a picture.
Fotodeník Bohyně

 17.8. 2011 Wednesday      I miss my friend in Slovenia…bio coconut cookie

Coconut cookie
The first picture of the Project


 18.8.2011 Thursday Coming back in circles – What I see and use again and again

What I see

Coming back in circles

19.8.2011 Friday   Heavy storms, raining dogs and cats and suddenly… 
Raining day

After the Storm

 20.8.2011  Saturday      Our Brick in the middle 

Our Brick

Right in the Middle

21.8.2011 Sunday   Guerrila Knitting at Florenc – I love it 
Guerrila Knitting

Guerrila Knitting

22.8.2011  Monday   Theatre Promo 
Nice Promo

When the Promo is better than the Performance

23.8.2011 Tuesday   Cat in the Window
Just cat

White Cat

24.8.2011  Wednesday    Finally no more HTC

Yeaaaah Moleskine!

26.8.2011  Thursday      Candy Candy!

Candy Candy!

No more dirty clothes

26.8.2011 Friday       Krumlov

Nice time in Krumlov

Hard work...rafting

27.8.2011  Saturday      Krumlov again 
The wall

Egon Schiele Museum

28.8.2011  Sunday    Goodbye Krumlov, Hello Prague
Just fields


29.8. 2011 Monday   Back at work – present – it died in a week 
Flower Power

Nice unexpected present from the Universe

30.8.2011  Tuesday      Spider!
Alfa Romeo

Si, si amore! Si!

31.8.2011  Wednesday     Someone knows how it ends?
How it can ends

The end of unfaithful cheaters


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